Image bm810.GIF Add Pattern For Morphing, Image bm811.GIF Morphing Stage
Morphing operation is a smooth changeover of shape of 3D object between two or more object patterns. Morphing pursues changing coordinates of individual vertices of object. With help of the add pattern for morphing element next pattern for morphing is added to the active object. Identification number of object used as a pattern is passed on as an element parameter. Only present appearance of object is kept from the pattern object, object itself is no more needed and can be deleted. Another morphed object or active object itself can be used as a pattern object, too. Number of pattern objects can be arbitrary. Setting -1 value as an element parameter will cause deleting all morphing patterns. The object becomes usual object, its appearance remains preserved according to its last morphing state.
The morphing stage element serves to control morphing operation. Its parameter can be arbitrary value in the range of 0 to number of morphing patterns+1. Zero value corresponds to original appearance of the object, 1 value corresponds to object pattern 1, and N value corresponds to object pattern N. When changing value from N to N+1, the object will be morphed back to original appearance of object, that means to zero value.

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