3D Graphics
Image bm791.GIF visible
Image bm792.GIF delete object
Image bm793.GIF clone
Image bm794.GIF complexity of object
Image bm795.GIF create upper base
Image bm796.GIF create lower base
Image bm797.GIF shadow range
Image bm798.GIF link
Image bm799.GIF find child
Image bm800.GIF object inversion
Image bm801.GIF object normalization
Image bm802.GIF calculate normals
Image bm803.GIF terrain level
Image bm804.GIF render group
Image bm805.GIF depth sort render group
Image bm806.GIF write depth information
Image bm807.GIF depth test
Image bm808.GIF object with reduced detail level
Image bm809.GIF distance for detail level reduction
Image bm810.GIF add pattern for morphing
Image bm811.GIF morphing stage

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