Image bm833.GIF Smoothing of Textures
An object texture is a picture created in the Peter application's graphic editor or imported into the editor from the picture library. The Peter application's pictures use a limited number of colors. To reach a broader color range they use the dithering method. With textures the dithering may act in a disturbing way, unless the textures for 3D objects are smoothed by means of the smoothing of textures element. The degree of texture smoothing is to be set before the first picture application as a texture. (The setting is common for all textures using the same picture). The setting can assume values of 1 and greater. For value 1 (default setting) no smoothing takes place.
The smoothing degree represents the degree picture minification (with conversion to TrueColor). The value of 2 represents a minification to one half, which is generally a fully sufficient smoothing degree for the dithering. The smoothing degree need not be represented by an integer only. The texture size rules (power of 2) make themselves felt after the smoothing has been completed. Therefore, for a smoothing degree of 1.5, for instance, the dimensions should be a 1.5 multiple of the final dimensions that should be a power of 2. It is recommended to prepare the picture in advance in a twofold magnification before reading the picture out of the library. By reading it into the Peter application, the picture is imported with the dithering. By setting the smoothing degree to 2 the picture, when used as a texture, will be minified to the original size with the original quality of colors.

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