3D Graphics
Image bm831.GIF stage
Image bm832.GIF texture
Image bm833.GIF smoothing of textures
Image bm834.GIF texture from file
Image bm757.GIF object texture magnification filter
Image bm758.GIF object texture minification filter
Image bm759.GIF faraway object texture filter
Image bm835.GIF number of faraway textures
Image bm836.GIF blurring of faraway textures
Image bm837.GIF texture mapping
Image bm838.GIF horizontal addressing mode
Image bm839.GIF vertical addressing mode
Image bm840.GIF color operation
Image bm841.GIF first color argument
Image bm842.GIF second color argument
Image bm843.GIF alpha operation
Image bm844.GIF first alpha argument
Image bm845.GIF second alpha argument
Image bm846.GIF color of texture factor

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