International Peter Programming School
Roznov p.R., Czech Republic - Bangalore, India
by Internet, Summer 2006

Gemtree Software

One day during summer we got an e-mail from outlying city Bangalore from one woman called Shubha Ravi. She wrote this e-mail, becuase her son Mihir likes Peter very much. She asked us to help her with an explanation how to program with Peter. She could not know, that this e-mail would start "International Peter's programming school".

This web page shows very shortly, what we together created with assistence of e-mails and ICQ. Nice memories have lasted. All created programs are picawares and interested people can download them for study, inspiration and entertainment.

Internet and Peter - playing with programming in the world withhout borders

1) Demonstrates a moving of the sprite "Turtle" by mouse position and program ending by key "Esc".

2) Replays sounds by function "program is active application" and by mouse buttons.

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Graphic 01
1) Demonstrates usage of "random number" and usage of two functions "program initialization" and "random color number".

2) Replays music "Happy Days" by mouse buttons. Commands in program cycle are executed with time period 200 ms.

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1) Picture alphabet. Demonstrates display of a picture by pressed key A - Z.

2) For a preparation of pictures internal graphic editor is available.

3) Picture and text drawing is performed by commands "draw picture" and "text display".

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Animals in list
1) Demonstrates usage of a program element "list" - index variable. About "list" you can read more in main help - choose "list" in window "Basic elements, Trash" by mouse and push key F1.

2) Command with name "waiting for key" evaluates of push key. Key "spacebar" - the same picture, other key - new picture by function "random number different from last number".

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Array x y
1) Program has two elements "list": "list of array 20 x 15" for creation of "two-dimensional array with indexes x, y" and "list of sounds" with 10 sounds.

2) Function "program initialization" fills second "list" by ten decompresed sounds. Automatic index incrementing is here used.

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1) Demonstrates a summer day and night storm in the sierra Beskydy of the Wallachian Kingdom or in the country around Bangalore. 6 different lightnings with their thunders for day and night are used.

2) Lightnings, country and sky, clouds, and rain are created by sprites.

3) After keypress new lightning with own "time of lightning", "time before thunder", and "volume of thunder" is generated.

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Six Days
1) Reminiscence on "old good times" in East Germany with super popular car "Trabant" alias "Trabi" and with its two stroke engine. At that time on the whole was made 3.096.099 Trabants. Reminiscence on song Six days on the road by Dave Dudley too.

"Picture of Car" function switches 7 different pictures.
"Image of smoke" function animates car smoke.
"Control of sound" function sets volume and stereo of engine sound.

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1) Simple program for testing of PC performance. In loop draws function sine by xxx graphic points. Number of points is random from interval 200 - 1.000.000 or 100, 1.000, ..., by F1 - F8.

2) Loop for drawing of all points contains only two commands with a number of mathematical terms.

3) First use of Sine for testing of PC with Intel 4-Core Processor Core 2 Extreme - Kentsfield on International Fair INVEX 2006.

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Cars and roads
Teach cars to go on the roads. Create new roads. Save roads and rules into files for next use.

1) This program is for all children who love small cars for example our Mihir or Jardulka or Jindrisek or Vasik or Adelka. On programs roads can be as many of thousand cars.

2) At first glance program looks simply, but inside of program is already rather components. For example program has eleven data elements "list".

3) Control of program is realized by keyboard and mouse buttons.

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HELP for Cars and roads

- F1 - F5, Down, Delete ... Add or reduce cars when cars are going
- F6 - F11 ... Implicit scenes, can be modified
- F12 ... Scene from a file by Ctrl-O, can be modified
- - ... Annul last Motoring Situation Definition

When a car does not know a Motoring Situation it stops and you must teach it to get through this MS - you must define Car Maneuvers for this new MS. Around car is blinking cursor who shows tested squares. Black numbers test Gray Blocks, red numbers test GB too and moreover presence of One-Way. Each MS has original identification code by these black and red numbers. Keys for definition of one Car Maneuver:
- Arrows Left, Up, Right ... Car motion
- Delete ... Erase of well-developed Car Maneuver
- Space ... Like Delete but car is not moved back
- End ... End of this one Car Maneuver (and you can define next Car Maneuver)
- Enter ... Saving of new Car Maneuver(s) for actual Motoring Situation

Editor of scene:
- Ctrl-L_Mouse ... Switch editor On/Off
- L_Mouse/R_Mouse ... Laying blocks/grass
- Shift-L_Mouse ... Laying One_Way
- Shift-R_Mouse ... Rotation of One_Way
- Alt-L_Mouse ... Laying number or increment of this number

- Ctrl-O/Ctrl-S ... Reading/Writing of scene from/into file
- Ctrl-Shift-O/Ctrl-Shift-S ... Reading/Writing of MS Definitions from/into file

1) Wish for all Indian people from Gemtree Software created by Peter system.

2) Parade of Peter and Lucy.

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Thank you
1) Nice and merry answer from our Indian friends.

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1) Practical simple program. Each layman can create own quizzes for teaching and testing of children.

2) Each question can has at most 10 answers. Question can has attendant picture and sound in external files.

3) Program contains one example internal quiz. Peter's user can create own special-purpose quiz programs by replacement of this text.

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(c) 2006, Gemtree Software, Mihir, Ravi, Shubha, Jardulka, Jarda