Generating Sprites
Sprites can be either drawn or generated automatically. To generate them, advantage can be taken of some of the rendering programs. Rendering sprites poses complicated problems, therefore it can be recommended to more experienced users only.
In the Source subfolder of the Peter application installation folder there are source texts for generating sprites by means of the PovRay rendering program, version 3.0 (to obtain e.g. on the Internet address, or Having installed the PovRay program (observing the usage of version 3.0) copy the PVENGINE.EXE file into the SOURCE folder.
For individual sprites prepared INI files can be found in the subfolders. By opening the INI file by the PovRay program a sprite can be generated individually. To generate sprites en bloc the ALL.BAT file may be utilized. When generating sprites the PovRay will create individual sprite pictures. By the Pov2Spr.exe program (which is situated in the Source folder) these pictures are converted to sprites. The meanings of the Pov2Spr program parameters is written out by starting the Pov2Spr program without any parameters. When using the program it is necessary to specify all parameters.

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