Image bm835.GIF Number of Faraway Textures
Faraway object textures are filtered using a technique called mipmap. Mipmaps are textures created by successive minification of the original texture. Each stage of the minified texture has half dimensions with regard to the foregoing stage up to the lowest stage sized 1x1. In cases where individual texture parts are used separately (e.g. parts for a figure's face, trunk, arm or leg), the melting of individual texture parts into one another, taking place at a rather high minification, can be objectionable. In such a case the maximum texture-minification stage-number can be limited by the number of faraway textures element. This element asserts itself for a texture of an active operation stage of an active object. First it is necessary to set the texture for an active operation stage of an active object, and only then to determine the maximum stage number of texture minification. The setting is common for every usage of this particular texture.
The default setting of the element is 0, which means that the number of texture stages will not be limited. By setting to 1 or greater the number of textures will be limited to the value specified (including the basic stage of the non-minified texture). In the terrain from sheet object the texture stage number is, as a default setting, limited to 4. For the OpenGL interface the number of stages cannot be specified.

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