Image bm838.GIF Horizontal Addressing Mode
Textures, Vertical Addressing Mode
The horizontal addressing mode element serves to determine in which way a texture of an active operation stage of an active object will be repeated horizontally, if it will not cover the object's whole surface. Following values are valid:
1 texture is repeated (default setting)
2 texture is repeated and mirrored
3 texture is clamped
When repeating a texture the texture address integral part is ignored. So, for example, addresses 1.2 - 1.5 will display the same texture portion as addresses 0.2 - 0.5.
When repeating a texture with mirror inversion, the texture address integral part is ignored like with a normal texture repetition. The difference consist in the fact that every odd texture (a texture having an odd integer part) is mirror-flipped.
In the texture cropping mode the texture coordinates being out of range 0 till 1 are limited to the interval 0 till 1. Addresses that are out of valid range use colors of texture borderline pixels.
The OpenGL interface does not support the texture repetition with mirror inversion; a regular texture repetition is used instead. The DirectX 3 interface does not make it possible to set the texture addressing separately for the horizontal and vertical direction; horizontal addressing is used for both directions.

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