Image bm730.GIF Elapsed Time
3D Graphics
By means of the elapsed time element animation and events of the 3D graphics to be drawn can be timed. The drawing of the 3D graphics is strongly dependent on the computer and the videocard speed and the driver being used. That is why the 3D programs work, as a rule, with the maximum speed, and the program is timed according to the really elapsed time.
The elapsed time element measures the time from the last drawing of the 3D frame. The frame of the 3D graphics is rendered (which means that its 3D appearance is calculated and subsequently painted on the screen) on each wait command as well as on commands for waiting for a keystroke. The painting of the 3D graphics is not operated by any other commands. Therefore it is necessary that the main loop contains a wait command, its parameter preferably being 0 (the program will run with its maximum speed of operation). The time is measured with a resolution of 1 millisecond or more exactly (if a multimedia timer is available).
When no parameter is specified, then the element will return the elapsed time in seconds. As the element's parameter the required change to set in 1 second (i.e. the rate) can be specified. The element will return the elapsed time multiplied by the entered numeric parameter.

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