Image bm784.GIF Static 2D Object
The static 2D object element will, like the 2D object, create a two-dimensional object. The difference consists in the fact that the static 2D object is created by 2 crossed surfaces. It is not tilted towards the viewer, and it can be treated like any other 3D object. It is a more suitable option for representing trees and bushes, because it evokes the impression of the object's  better spatial properties. The object picture is entered as the element's parameter. The picture is utilized as a texture, therefore common rules similar to those that are valid for the texture, are also valid for the picture (Its size is a power of 2, texture smoothing can assert itself). For the object surface the contours parameter is automatically set to a value of 0.5. The element returns the identification number of the created static 2D object.

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