3D Graphics
DLL Libraries
Image bm771.GIF group
Image bm772.GIF wall
Image bm773.GIF circle
Image bm774.GIF triangle
Image bm775.GIF cube
Image bm776.GIF sphere
Image bm777.GIF hemisphere
Image bm778.GIF cylinder
Image bm779.GIF cone
Image bm780.GIF truncated cone
Image bm781.GIF torus
Image bm782.GIF rotary object
Image bm783.GIF 2D object
Image bm784.GIF static 2D object
Image bm785.GIF 2D picture
Image bm786.GIF lens flare
Image bm787.GIF terrain from picture
Image bm788.GIF terrain from sheet
Image bm789.GIF object from text
Image bm790.GIF object from file
Objects of the 3D graphics can be created using memory blocks, too.

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