Image bm748.GIF Lighting, Image bm754.GIF Object Lighting
The lighting element is a logic switch. If it is set, the object is lighted by active lights, i.e. shadows are created on the object. The lighting is calculated for the individual vertices of the object faces. For the face surface the lighting of one of the vertices is used (the smooth shading switch is off), or the lighting grades smoothly between colors of the individual vertices (the smooth shading switch is on). If the lighting switch is reset, then the surface or texture full color intensity is applied. This mode will be used in cases where it is not suitable to shade the object by the incident light (firmament, flame coming out of a weapon), or in cases where the object has already been shaded (by the vertex colors or by a light map texture).
In each object the lighting can be switched off separately by the object lighting command (for an active object). If the lighting switch is switched off, the lighting is switched off in all objects independently on the position of switches for lighting the individual objects. The default setting of all switches is ON.

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