Image bm750.GIF Texture Magnification Filter, Image bm757.GIF Object Texture Magnification Filter
Settings, Textures
The texture magnification filter element is a logic switch. If it is on, then the texels (i.e. texture pixels) are interpolated in a linear way, when the texture gets magnified. Thus the texture is smoothed during the magnification. If the switch is off, then the nearest pixel is used when drawing the magnified texture. Thus sharp transitions between texels are visible on the texture being drawn. It is recommended to switch off the texture filtration when using a software driver, because the software filtration slows down the rendering process considerably.
The texture magnification filter can be switched off in any object and texture stage separately by the object texture magnification filter command (for an active object and an active stage). If the texture magnification filter switch is off, then the texture magnification filter is off in all objects, independently of the position of the switches for texture magnification filter of the individual objects. The default setting of all switches is ON.

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