Image bm861.GIF Light Type
By means of the light type element the type of active light can be set. Three different light types can be used:
1 point light (default)
2 spot light
3 directional light
The point light (code 1) represents a point located in the space and shining uniformly in all directions. This is the default light type. The point light is dependent on the light coordinates, but it does not depend on its direction. Onto the point light, the light range and light attenuation settings may be applied, expressing the dependence on the distance.
The spot light (code 2) represents a reflector. This is influenced by its position in the space, direction and all parameters used for the light setting. The spot light default direction is the positive Z axis.
The directional light (code 3) is light having always the same direction independently of its position. The default direction corresponds the positive Z axis direction. The directional light resembles the sunlight or point light having a very distant source. With the directional light no parameters for setting the light may be applied. It is merely possible to change its direction and color. The predefined default light, having an identification code of 2, is the directional light.

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