Image bm728.GIF 3D Graphics Window
3D Graphics
Image bm728.GIF 3D graphics window
Image bm739.GIF X coordinate of 3D graphics window
Image bm740.GIF Y coordinate of 3D graphics window
Image bm741.GIF width of 3D graphics window
Image bm742.GIF height of 3D graphics window
By means of the 3D graphics window element the 3D graphics mode is activated. By entering this command a 3D graphics window with required coordinates and dimensions is displayed in the program main window. The window coordinates and dimensions are specified in Peterís coordinates. To create a 3D window the prescribed interface and driver will be used. By entering the 3D graphics window command repeatedly the 3D window position and size can be adjusted additionally. When none of the parameters is specified, the 3D window will be formed over the program window's entire area. The 3D graphics window may assume even a larger size than the program area. For instance, in the full screen mode of 800x600 pixels the program utilizes an area of 25x18 squares, i.e. 800x576 pixels. At the same time a 3D graphics window may assume a size over the entire area of 800x600 pixels. By specifying a zero instead of the width or height of the 3D graphics window the 3D mode will be terminated.
All elements of the 3D graphics can be utilized independently on the 3D mode activity. Thanks to this possibility the 3D graphics window can be switched on and off at discretion. In the same manner the interface or the driver may be changed. At the same time all preset parameters remain unchanged, no new adjustment being necessary after changes have been made.

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