Image bm192.GIF Character Set
Program Control - Extension
The character set element is used to select the character set of text written out by the text display command or of texts in the window dialog elements. The number of the characters displayable on the screen is limited. Therefore the national dependent characters (containing diacritics) are divided into character sets. As an example, the Central European countries use character sets which are different from those used by the West European or American countries.
The character set is a numeric code corresponding the code page used in the Windows system:
1250Central Europe (Eastern Europe) character set
1251Russian character set (cyrillic)
1252West character set
1253Greek character set
1254Turkish character set
1257Baltic character set
When changing the language (similarly as on program start) the character set is automatically set in accordance with the language selected.
Some font types installed in the system may not include all character sets; in such case the nearest character set is used.

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