Image bm690.GIF Rotate Picture
Image bm690.GIF rotate picture
Image bm711.GIF picture to be rotated
Image bm712.GIF angle of rotation
Image bm707.GIF refine edges
Image bm708.GIF dithering (photograph)
The rotate picture function enables to rotate a picture around its center. By the first parameter, the picture to be rotated the picture to be converted is presented to the function. The second parameter, the angle of rotation specifies the angle by which the picture should be rotated. The angle is entered in radian. The default parameter is 0, i.e. the picture will not be rotated.
The refine edges parameter is a logic switch. It provides for conversion with interpolation of pixels. It is utilized for high quality conversion; the resulting picture will retain it appearance even after being converted. This method, though rather slow, is an accurate one. The default setting of this switch is "off".
The dithering parameter takes care for a proper semi-shades display by means of dithering. The switch is disabled, if the "refine edge" switch is not on. The default setting of this switch is "on". It is used above all in converting photographs; it is advisable to switch the dithering off when converting drawings.

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