Image bm689.GIF Change Brightness of Picture
Image bm689.GIF change brightness of picture
Image bm709.GIF picture to change brightness
Image bm710.GIF picture brightness (1 = usual)
Image bm708.GIF dithering (photograph)
The change brightness of picture function enables to change the picture brightness continuously. By the first parameter,  the picture to change brightness, the picture to be converted is presented to the function. The second parameter, the picture brightness, is a numeric parameter determining the relative change of the picture brightness. The value of 1 leaves the picture without any change. By increasing the number above the value of 1 the picture will get brighter, by diminishing it to a value ranging between 0 and 1 it will get darker.
The last parameter, the dithering will provide for a proper semi-shades reproduction by means of the dithering. The dithering operation is time consuming, therefore the default setting of this parameter is "off". It is suitable to switch it on only when a high quality picture conversion is required.

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