Image bm528.GIF Font of Element
Functions Common for All Dialog Elements
Image bm529.GIF bold
Image bm530.GIF italic
Image bm531.GIF underline
Image bm532.GIF strike out
Image bm533.GIF fixed pitch
Image bm534.GIF serifs
Image bm535.GIF height of characters (0 = usual)
Image bm536.GIF relative width of characters (0 = usual, 1 = basic)
Image bm537.GIF text slope angle (0 = usual)
Image bm538.GIF character color
Image bm539.GIF background color
All operations are related to that window or element that is selected by the element identification number. The bold, italic, underline, strike out, fixed pitch and serifs logic variables can either be set to the state required, or, by entering them without parameters, the state can be switched to the inverse value. By switching on both switches, the fixed pitch, and the serifs switch at a time the user font will be used.
On entering the text slope angle the text is regularly rotated around the left upper text corner (in case of a multiline text the lines will rotate individually). If, for example, the text is rotated 1/4 revolution (i.e. 90 degrees), the rows would be aligned to cover one another, thus turning invisible. A text thus rotated can be displayed by means of a multiline text form. In front of the text to be displayed several empty lines must be inserted. These lines shift the text down making the rotated text visible. On the contrary, on rotating the text down it is suitable to use a text element justified to the right or centered, for the left text portion to get indented from the left window border, thus staying visible. A more suitable solution for displaying rotated texts is, however, a program aided drawing onto the program graphic sheet, taking it as a picture and after that displaying it in a dialog window as a picture dialog element.
The elements for setting the character color and the background color cannot be utilized when working with normal buttons. It is recommended to use only Windows system basic colors (i.e. pastel colors) as colors to enter. In the 256 color display graphic mode only 20 Windows basic colors will be utilized to display the colors selected.

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