Image bm495.GIF Windows
Image bm540.GIF create window
Image bm541.GIF create window without closing possibility
The create window and create window without closing possibility elements serve to create a new dialog window. These elements will return the window identification number, by means of which window references will be done later (e.g. on deleting a window). At the same time the new window is set as an active element, with the aid of which following operations will be executed. If no new window is established, then the dialog elements will be created in the basic window, which will automatically switch off the graphic mode after creating the first element. The newly created window is settable as invisible. It is advisable to first create the window dialog elements, to set their position and dimensions, to switch on their visibility, and finally to switch on the window visibility.
Image bm542.GIF window has border
Image bm543.GIF window has caption
The window has border element determines, whether a frame will be displayed around a window or an element, selected by the element identification number. The window has caption element determines, whether a caption will be displayed on the window upper border. For dialog elements a thickened inner frame will be used instead of the caption. If the window's or element's caption is on, but their frame is off, a thin frame will be used.
Image bm544.GIF always on top
The always on top element decides, whether the window that is selected by the element identification number will always be displayed at the top, overlapping all other windows, even if it is not active (it has no input focus).
Image bm545.GIF window is resizable
The window is resizable element enables the window to be resizable. It is a logic variable, which can both be read and entered. Only the main program window is resizable as default.
Image bm546.GIF window may be closed
The window may be closed allows to disable the window to be closed by the user (by clicking on the cross in the right upper corner of the window or by the Alt+F4 key pressing). The element is a logic variable. By setting it to YES the window may be closed (default state). By resetting it to NO the closing is disabled. If the user tries to close the window, the YES flag is returned by reading of this element and the program can carry out operations needed, as prompting to save the file and only after that program termination. The flag of close request is automatically reset by reading of it.
Image bm547.GIF window is maximized
Image bm548.GIF window is minimized
The window is maximized and window is minimized elements are logic variables designated for both reading and writing. They determine the maximized/minimized state of the window.
With combination of the window has border, window has caption and window is resizable elements eight different states can be set:
Dialog Window:
Dialog Element:
YESnono3D lowered
noYESnothin 3D lowered
YESYESno3D raised and lowered
nonoYESthin line
YESnoYESthin line and 3D lowered
noYESYES3D raised
YESYESYES3D double lowered

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