Image bm498.GIF Listboxes
Image bm574.GIF create listbox
Image bm575.GIF create listbox with edit
Image bm576.GIF create drop-down listbox
Image bm577.GIF create drop-down listbox with edit
Image bm578.GIF create tabs
Image bm579.GIF add text entry to listbox
Image bm580.GIF empty of listbox, table
Image bm581.GIF create table
Image bm582.GIF width of table column
Image bm583.GIF align of table column (0=left, 1=right, 2=center)
The create... program elements create a dialog element the visibility of which is switched off, return the element identification number and set it as a selected element for the subsequent operations.
The text program element sets or returns the text of selected entry of the listbox, text of the list's editing field, or text of the table cell. Current row of the listbox or table can be selected by the actual position element. A cell on the table row can be selected by the actual position 2 element.
The create tabs element creates tabs dialog element. Single tabs can be added or deleted similarly as listbox entries. Selected tab can be found out or adjusted with the actual position element and according to the number of selected tab update content of the window (create or delete appropriate dialog elements in the window).
As parameter of the create table element a multiline text list defining table columns can be entered. Texts of individual rows are used as titles of the table head. If all rows of the list are empty then the table will have no head. Width of the selected table column can be set or found out by the width of table column element. Column selection is done by the actual position 2 element. If a valid table column is selected (its value is not -1) when changing selected row by the actual position element then position of the table cursor is updated, too. By the align of table column element align of the table column can be changed: 0=left (default), 1=right, 2=center. This proves also in the table head except column 0, head of which is always aligned to the left.

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