Image bm195.GIF Program Parameters, Image bm193.GIF Program Parameter
Program Control - Extension
When starting programs in the Windows system the program to be started can be given parameters by means of the command line. The element program parameters is a text constant returning the command line text the same way as it had been entered the program on its start. The element includes the name of the running program, followed by possible parameters. This element is not included in the field of the program's basic structural elements; you can find it in the local input parameter definition of the program main function.
By means of another element, called program parameter the individual command line parameters may be approached individually. In quality of the element parameter the numeric value representing the index of the required parameter is entered. Only the entered-index parameter text is returned, an empty text signifies the parameter end. The zero index denotes the program name. The program name is returned in the same form as it had been entered from the command line. Use the program name with full path, if you need to find out the program full name including the path.

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