Image bm487.GIF Confirmation Dialog
Image bm487.GIF confirmation dialog
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Image bm500.GIF text
Image bm501.GIF icon
Image bm502.GIF buttons
Image bm503.GIF default button
The confirmation dialog serves to select further operation by the user, e.g. for displaying a message.
As the first parameter the text is entered which will be displayed in the dialog window caption (upper bar).
The second parameter is the text which will be displayed in the dialog window. The text may include several lines, the window dimensions will be adapted to the line number and length. A multi-line text can be defined either by textual linking of single-line text constants and of the next line constants, or a multi-line text can be created in the text variable.
By means of the third parameter the icon to be displayed can be selected. This icon is selected by specifying the numeric value in the range from 0 to 4:
0 = none
1 = error message
2 = question
3 = warning
4 = information
By means of the fourth parameter the set of the buttons to be displayed is selected, specifying the numeric value between 0 and 5:
0 = OK
1 = OK / Cancel
2 = Abort / Retry / Ignore
3 = Yes / No / Cancel
4 = Yes / No
5 = Retry / Cancel
The last parameter is again a numeric one. It indicates, which button will be preset as a default one. The value is specified in the range between 1 and 3.
After selecting some of the button the confirmation dialog window will return a numeric value according to the button selected:
1 = OK
2 = Cancel
3 = Abort
4 = Retry
5 = Ignore
6 = Yes
7 = No
If the return of a selected button value is not required, then the confirmation dialog may be also used as a command.

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