Image bm468.GIF Setting Shape of Mouse Cursor
Image bm468.GIF setting shape of mouse cursor 
Image bm473.GIF picture of mouse cursor (default = original)
Image bm474.GIF horizontal X coordinate of the region beginning
Image bm475.GIF vertical Y coordinate of the region beginning
Image bm476.GIF width of region
Image bm477.GIF height of region
The setting shape of mouse cursor element serves to redefine the mouse cursor shape dependent on various locations in the program window. As parameters a variable of the item type with a mouse cursor picture, the sheet origin coordinates and the sheet dimensions can be entered. In the picture definition the colors will be interpreted as follows:
XXX transparent - transparent
XXX white color - white
XXX black color - black
XXX red color  - inversion
XXX yellow color - inversion + hot spot
XXX dark green - black + hot spot
XXX light green - white + hot spot
XXX blue color - transparent + hot spot
A hot spot designates the mouse cursor active location. This is a point to which the mouse cursor coordinates are related. If not redefined, the hot spot default position is the mouse cursor picture center. An inversion means the inversion of the color below the mouse cursor.
If a mouse cursor picture omits or the sheet border element is used, a standard mouse cursor (an arrow usually) will be used in the specified area.  If the sheet origin coordinates are not specified, then 0 coordinates will be used; if the area dimensions are not specified, then unlimited area dimensions are used. A standard mouse cursor setting can thus be attained by specifying the mouse cursor shape without any parameter.
The number of areas for defining the mouse cursor shape can be arbitrary. The old areas can be redefined by overlaying them with a new one.

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