Image bm910.GIF Sound Test
The sound test element serves to test, whether the sound playback is running. As a parameter the sound to be tested may be entered. The element will return a logic validity flag informing, whether the playback of the desired sound is running. The term "playback of the sound" meaning that further data of the sound to be played are ready. This test does not trace whether the sound is still present in the buffer for the playback. Therefore, should the program be concluded by means of this test after finishing the sound playback, the sound would be shortened by about 0.3 seconds.
If no sound parameter is entered, then the playback of all sounds is tested. This option differs from the previous one by the fact that any sound playback is tested, including the sound from the buffer. Closing program by means of this test option will ensure a proper termination of all sounds playback, there will be no sound time shortening.

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