Image bm633.GIF Text Display
Image bm633.GIF text display
Image bm668.GIF text to be displayed
Image bm635.GIF pen color
Image bm669.GIF horizontal X coordinate of text
Image bm670.GIF vertical Y coordinate of text
Image bm671.GIF angle orientation of text
Image bm672.GIF height of characters (default 0.5)
Image bm673.GIF relative width of characters  (1 = usual, 0 = default)
Image bm674.GIF bold
Image bm675.GIF italic
Image bm676.GIF underline
Image bm677.GIF strike out
Image bm678.GIF serifs
Image bm679.GIF typewriter
The text display element serves to write a text into the graphic layer. The text may contain even multiple lines. A multi-line text cannot be used in connection with the text display having an angle orientation of text other than 0.
The angle orientation of text is entered in radian. A predefined angle constant can be utilized. The default angle orientation is 0. If an angle other than 0 is entered, a lower velocity of text painting, limited to one-line texts only, must be taken into account.
The character width is a relative number. The real width depends on the character height and on the font type used. The relative width default value of 1 is used as a normal width value. By entering a width of 0 the standard width used by the system for the font in question is set; this width value may be slightly different from the default width value.
The switches for choosing the font style are all switched off as a default setting. If no font properties (angle, height, width and switches) are specified, the system's standard font style is used that is normally used for displaying a texts in windows. In this case the bold and typewriter switches distinguish 4 options of the system standard font style. By contemporary switching on the serifs and typewriter switches the user font is selected.
In connection with the field width to display text centered texts may be written out in a window or a defined area.

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