Image bm467.GIF Mouse Test in the Region
Image bm467.GIF mouse test in the region 
Image bm469.GIF horizontal X coordinate of the region beginning
Image bm470.GIF vertical Y coordinate of the region beginning
Image bm471.GIF width of region
Image bm472.GIF height of region
The mouse test in the region element is used to find out, whether the mouse cursor is situated in a certain region. This test is e.g. suitable for finding a special location in a window on which it has been clicked. As parameters area origin coordinates and area dimensions have to be entered. If the mouse can be found in the tested area, the logic validity flag is returned.
Note: During the program run the inalterability of the mouse data is ensured till the next moment of the waiting service.  It is therefore possible to determine the click location by the mouse position test assuming that the data will remain unchanged even after multiple use of the mouse coordinates.

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