Special Machines Building for Solar Technology
Roznov p.R., Czech Republic - Mumbai, India
Photo Documentation for Project "100 Mega Watt", March 2007

The Czech powerful machines for PV technologies in India and Pakistan

AWSM - Advanced Wire Saw Machine
The AWSM machine is designed for slicing of silicon ingots and other hard materials of round or square cross section into wafers. Maximum allowable diameter or side of ingot is 405 mm, while maximum allowable ingot length is 800 mm. The machine is capable of cutting two parallel ingots with up to 156 mm diameter/side and 800 mm length. A patented process of sawing by means of wire is used for slicing the wafers. Wires having minimum diameter of 150 micrometers and length of up to 500 km are used.
AWSM - Gallery
AWSM - Advanced Wire Saw Machines and Technology, division of THEMIS a.s. company. Research of wire saw slicing technology of hard, brittle and semiconductor materials. Sawing large ingots - maximal length 800 mm, maximal diameter 450 mm. Development and production wire saw machines - different types from line of AWSM. Wire saw machine are able slice wafers or plates with thickness up 90 microns to few mm, wafer diameter from 20 mm to 450 mm. Technology is tested and demonstrate on a PSS ( Precise Slicing Service ) plant - especial plant for development customized technology, demonstration machines and technology, commercial slicing and operators, technical and technological training.
AWSM - New Machine
Development of the next new model of AWSM line - Advanced Wire Saw Machine. Application new world wide electronics and mechanical elements. Introducing technological news and application new materials and new design and improving used modular unit. Wire saw machine for application in Photovoltaic and Electronic industry -wafer slicing. Cutting wafers from semiconductor materials - Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), GaP, GaAs. Slicing plates from Ceramics, Ferrites, Glass, Quartz etc. .Machines use wire with lengths up to 600 km, wire diameter from 120 to 220 microns, slurry on the oil, glycol and water base. Closing cooling circuit is used too with possibility heating of water for wafer cleaning line.
AWSM - In Action
Demonstration of technical and technological possibilities of AWSM machines. Very High productivity - slicing semiconductor wafers with diameters from 75 to 450 mm, from 3 to 18 inch. Thickness from 90 microns to few mm. Glass and semiconductor blocks with maximal length 800 mm. Slicing plates from Ceramics and Cordierite blocks. Cubic Zirconium Oxide is sliced for application in costume jewellery.
AWSM - Products
Next non-standard products - glass and quartz plates. Quartz plates with very precisse crystallographic orientation, miss-orientation maximal 5 seconds. Glass and quartz rings, sliced plates from Ge ( Germanium ), Si ( Silicon ) - single crystal, multi-crystal. Cutting of glass capillary tubes. Very effective ferrite plates slicing. Very precise geometric parameters - minimal TTV, WARP or BOW. Surface of plates or wafers without saw marks, surface roughness Ra < 0.6 microns.
DACOVI - data cumulation and visualization software, is PC software that allows communication between the wire saw machine and an external PC. This software enables real-time visualization of technological process data in addition to record the data on PC's HD every ten seconds. Up to 8 machines can be monitored, monitor information and communication are available in six languages. DACOVI allows printing Slicing process report containing technological information, graph with time function of all controlled parameters, error messages etc. DACOVI data are able for next analysis in the standard software type of Excel, Quattro, Origin etc., files are bmp type.
DACOVI is created by Gemtree Software - Peter system

SQM - Squaring Machine
The SQM machine is designed to square monocrystalline Si ingot (as grown) with a diameter from 135 up to 210 mm (diameter tolerance 5 mm, conical taper up to 10 mm) to PSQ wafers sizes 102 x 102 up to 156 x 156. The prototype SQM 2800.0 allows max. ingot diameter 210 mm because of shortest delivery time required however a following squaring machine can allow the 250 mm round size.
SQM - New Machine
The ingot is clamped in axial heads for squaring. The centring of ingot is secured by means of two sets of prismatic jaws, manually operated. For various diameters of ingots plastic blocks are applied. Cut-off slabs are held by two sets of sucking cups during cutting process.

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